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Overcoming Depression, Enhancing Creativity and Overall Happiness 

For over 45 years I have asked myself the same question, "What is ‘happiness’ and how can I get it, keep it, and share it with others?” I’ve been raked, rolfed, dipped, and irrigated in my search for peace, and wellness and nothing worked until one day, I came upon a solution.  I asked myself, “What if I combined the two things that provide me the greatest pleasure? So I did, and you know what? It worked! Not at first but eventually. By combing trail running and landscape painting, I found Nirvana!” Now, you can too without having to run!

Through personal experimentation along with scientific research, I share  how  to gain the creative,spiritual   and physical benefits of combining exercise and outdoor painting. Audiences will experience how exercise and art affects the brain, divergent thinking and overall health and well-being. 

To learn more, watch this brief YouTube video and peruse my Artist's website. Additional run-to-paint videos can be viewed here. 

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