A sample of satisfied clients from around the world said the following about Bruce's work:

I wouldn't change a thing (Presentation's training workshop) Bruce made us feel so comfortable even though we were all nervous. I recommend that every employee including managers attend this class.
-Fashion Designer, Global Brands Group

Bruce, I just want to thank you for your class, Standing Ovations Presentations.  It was formatted in a way that truly allowed everyone to feel comfortable and supported by their peers. The exercises you had us go through before presenting created a team environment and also let everyone relax even if only on a small scale. I have been using some of the techniques in conversation especially the breathing technique in an effort to eliminate filler words. I have also been paying attention to the tone/color in which I say things as it really does affect the way people respond to me. I implement many of the techniques when I meet new people at work and I plan on continuing to use them, as I believe it enhances my professionalism. All presentations and even formal conversations are performances; if you expect to gain something, prove a point or just want to be listened to and respected you must perform. You must make people believe in you and what you are saying no matter what the situation maybe and one of the most important techniques to do this is confidence. Thank you for creating such a great program. The techniques you taught us will stay with me throughout both my professional and personal life.
-Talent Acquisition Manager, Liz Claiborne

I have been to many of Bruce's Learning and Development programs over the years and after completing each program I have always taken away many great ideas. The experience that I have gained in Bruce's programs has helped me not only professionally but also in my own personal development. Bruce offers a unique, entertaining way of learning that is not typically found in professional skills training programs. It is this style of learning that fully engages everyone in the program to ensure the message and material is understood and practiced, especially important when the individual is outside the classroom and back in the workplace. Bruce is one of the most talented and brightest people that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Bruce's enthusiasm for his work and innovative programs really becomes apparent in the classroom. It is this unique approach to learning and development that makes every session with Bruce worth attending.
-UBS Global Wealth Management & Business Banking Information Technology Manager 

Bruce delivers in diverse environments (socially and geographic). He has a unique approach to helping people, and is always looking for ways that support people better themselves, even outside of "official" business relationships. One of Bruce's greatest strengths is his ability to understand and delivery value in an environment that is focused on quick return of investment.
-Principal at OmniaNow 

Bruce is fabulous on so many levels - both obviously and subtly. I am very impressed and inspired by all the ways he can create group cohesion and individual comfort and access.
-Rachel Rudman, Senior Citizens' Advocate Lennox, MA

Bruce is a great facilitator who has the most creative flair and really knows his material. His humor and skill results in rave reviews from all the participants in his programs. They always ask for more.
-Helene Richter, Principal, Training Through Creative Arts 

While I was heading a French Office based in Paris, Bruce has been an excellent trainer for my team. He did train the Team on several aspects of their needs such as Conflict Management, Stress Mgt, and Leadership. All of these training have proven that Bruce is very effective and efficient for the people he trains. If you need more than a basic training Bruce is the trainer you need.
-Stephane Morin, Founder & CEO Indigo Global Services 

Bruce, I really want to congratulate you on the superb class you led today on Myers-Briggs Personality Types that I attended. You did an outstanding job of covering a tremendous amount of data in a very condensed, informative and fun manner. It really was the best presentation I’ve seen of this material (which I have been through three times before!) and clearly demonstrated your mastery of the subject matter. I was truly impressed.  I know I speak for the rest of the attendees at the class today as well. Thanks again for a great day.
-Elizabeth MacKay, Senior HR Business Partner 

Bruce has the ability to be able to present a subject, no matter how bland or repetitive, in a manner that people would find themselves unable to ignore his words, or the material he was presenting. He could take the most unappealing, repetitive topics, and present them in a bright and captivating manner. A good mix of course essentials, light hearted stories, with insightful thoughts and the ability to take questions and respond with relevant answers, made his classes feel like time well spent. Bruce displays caring, confidence and a belief in the topics that he may discuss, and always seems to make that "personal" connection to the people he comes in touch with.
 -UBS Product Manager at UBS Investment Bank 

Coaching with Bruce helped me clarify and define my vision, values, goals and action plan. He also helped me focus my business’ major goals. Our coaching session trained me to say YES to what is advancing me towards my goals and NO to what is taking me away from them. Coaching helped me set boundaries and manage my time in a more effective way. Bruce was so warm, kind, accepting, and non-judgmental and I was able to work through my feelings of anger and helplessness and make better decisions on whether to respond or refrain from responding to these situations.
-Nili Dor HaElla, Coach and Body-Mind Therapist 

Bruce was awesome and the class (Presentation's training workshop) content was very productive!
-Fashion Designer, Global Brands Group

Bruce, I can't stop raving about this class (Stressing-Less) to people, those here and outside of here! I just wanted you to know that the actions I said I would take in class were serious commitments and will definitely help me to face the challenges ahead. I enjoyed your class immensely. Bruce worked with me to help me work better with my Team Members. Arguments between two members became very confrontational and I felt was being passive aggressive. Bruce helped me by guiding me through some difficult times working on how to improve the team situation and ensuring that I stepped up as a manager to handle this. He called me from different locations that he was working in on different times zones. Once he called from a hotel in Japan to ensure that we discussed my concerns. Bruce has helped me with suggestions and observations and also as I was becoming depressed with the situation helped to encourage me on the best way to handle this by asking a lot of questions.
-UBS IT Service Manager 

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