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​​​​​This Is Bruce Katlin​

Bruce Katlin is an organizational leadership trainer who drives sales success through personalized behavioral and cognitive coaching and mentoring practices. He blends cutting-edge neuroscience with theatrical performance techniques to expand empathetic learning and consultative selling capabilities. He guides individuals and organizations how to think and act differently in order to be more effective and attain their goals.

Bruce brings people and business together for mutual benefit. 

His desire is to inspire others to live their dreams. He guides them to their hidden and unpolished diamonds then help them mine them until they sparkle and shine. 

He does this with humor, energy, and helpfulness using  a variety of methods all of which have helped a lot of diverse and varied people from around the world. He is sincerely interested in seeing businesses and the people that lead and work for them be successful, fulfilled and happy. He is excited to learn what people want, what drives them; what gets their toes tapping and then help match them with the best available resources. Bruce influence through creativity, empathy, honesty and building trust.

His expertise focuses on combining fifteen plus years of creating awareness and inspiring change through innovative learning & development programs and team and individual coaching sessions. Bruce designs training programs using a creative process with blended solutions including CBT’s, Webinars, self-study and group interaction in order to enhance learner comprehension and synthesis. His clients are individuals and organizations that are looking to enhance and develop their personal effectiveness and leadership skills and styles; increase productivity and profitability; decrease conflict and enhance employee performance. If you and or your organization has tried standard development models and want to get down to how people and organizations really change, contact Bruce for a free consultation. I regularly conduct team/group and one-to-one coaching sessions that help individuals and organizations meet their financial and organizational goals.I guarantee positive change. 

Bruce's diversified background combines
fine arts, education, theatre performance, and sport's discipline with demonstrated skills in coaching, learning and development, and facilitating. My extensive experience working with diverse cultures has enabled me to design and adapt training curriculum and coaching techniques to meet local and global needs. My background as an actor, writer, director and producer enables me to offer unique and creative solutions.

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