Global Learning & Development, Personal & organizational PERFORMANCE Coaching


This Is Bruce Katlin

I’m interested in a lot of different things, from space travel to urban farming. When I was a kid all I wanted was to be a professional athlete. When I got a bit older all I wanted was to make a lot of money – a real lot of money; the next time I grew older I grew wiser and then I started to figure out what I was really passionate about which was to help people feel better about themselves, So, I became an actor where I thought that I could make people laugh and forget about life’s challenges for a few hours but I spent more time looking for work than entertaining audiences so, someone asked me if I’d like to teach adults how to act like adults in corporate settings and I said “yes” and became a corporate trainer and coach and travelled the world helping people be more effective, happier and get along with each other better.

I bring people and business together for mutual benefit. 

My desire is to inspire others to live their dreams. I guide them to their hidden and unpolished diamonds then help them mine them until they sparkle and shine. I do this through a variety of methods: most are innate; and always done with empathy and kindness; all of which have helped a lot of diverse and varied people from around the world.

I do this with humor, energy, and helpfulness.  I am sincerely interested in seeing businesses and the people that lead and work for them be successful, fulfilled and happy. I’m excited to learn what people want, what drives them; what gets their toes tapping and then help match them with the best available resources. I influence through creativity, empathy, honesty and building trust. And this is what I do really well.

My expertise focuses on combining fifteen plus years of creating awareness and inspiring change through innovative learning & development programs and team and individual coaching sessions. I design training programs using a creative process with blended solutions including CBT’s, Webinars, self-study and group interaction in order to enhance learner comprehension and synthesis. My clients are individuals and organizations that are looking to enhance and develop their personal effectiveness and leadership skills and styles; increase productivity and profitability; decrease conflict and enhance employee performance. If you and or your organization has tried standard development models and want to get down to how people and organizations really change, contact me for a free consultation. I regularly conduct team/group and one-to-one coaching sessions that help individuals and organizations meet their financial and organizational goals.I guarantee positive change. 

My diversified background combines
fine arts, education, theatre performance, and sport's discipline with demonstrated skills in coaching, learning and development, and facilitating. My extensive experience working with diverse cultures has enabled me to design and adapt training curriculum and coaching techniques to meet local and global needs. My background as an actor, writer, director and producer enables me to offer unique and creative solutions. I recently fulfilled a life-long dream of living, working, paintingand playing in the mountains of the southwestern United States. I am currently studying the groundbreaking field of NeuroLeadership and its practical applications to personal and business development.

Prior to starting my performance coaching and training consultancy, I worked with Perot Systems a worldwide information technology service provider as their Global Training and Development Senior Specialist. Based in New York City at the UBS Investment Bank account, I was responsible for the design, implementation, and delivery of many business and professional skills courses. I am certified to deliver a variety of vendor-designed training programs, which include negotiation skills; civil treatment/sexual harassment education; building trust; change management; team building and conflict resolution. I am also certified to implement and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which teaches how to appreciate, lead and work productively with different personality “types.” I have also been certified to teach the unique concept of Laughter Yoga, which is sweeping the globe with its unique concept of laughing for no reason that increases health and well-being.

Through the creation of an innovative learning and development and coaching architecture, I provided on average a 1.25 million dollar savings to the investment bank’s learning and development’s annual budgets.
 I have successfully coached “C” level, mid-manager and supervisors through organizational change and transformations; career change; conflict resolution; negotiations; sales performance; behavioral challenges, as well as presentations' design and delivering coaching sessions.

The global learning and development solutions that I provide programs support clients' core principles, and assists in the deployment of company change initiatives, performance programs, leadership development and professional skills training. Courses are delivered worldwide throughout Europe, the Americas, the Pacific Rim, and Asia Pacific, which provide both local and global perspectives. Representative client industries include: Fashion design and retail; Investment Banking; IT, Health Care, Film and Theatre.

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